Dreamy mugshot by Dawn “ echoroar ” Chua.

Dreamy mugshot by Dawn “echoroar” Chua.


Tom Happ is a Game Developer

Tom Happ is most known for developing Axiom Verge, a 2D Metroidvania for PS4, XB1, Vita, Wii U, Switch, and PC, first released in 2015. Previously he worked on many different "triple-A" games for both PC and consoles, such as Grey Goo, Tiger Woods, and NFL Street, and many more that never saw the light of day.

His wife, Chloe, hasn’t updated her website in a long time, because they are both so busy with their son, Alastair, and their dog, Goliath.

Thomas Happ Games LLC is a Game Company

Founded in 2013, Thomas Happ Games LLC exists because you can’t sell games without an EIN. Maybe it would have been better if Tom had named it something gamey and clever like “PixelBlit” or “Memory Dump”, but he didn’t, so here we are.